Scottish Indian Arts Forum was founded on August 17 1994 by an initiative taken be a handful of Indian and Scottish volunteers sincerely interested in promotion of Indian art, culture and heritage in Edinburgh and East of Scotland through the media of music particularly classical music, dance, drama, literature, film, exhibition and celebration of popular festivals of India.

SIAF promoters have always kept in mind the need to promote INDIA and Indian culture not only for the benefit of their new generations but the Scottish community at large as well. The promoters have attempted not only to reach out much wider audiences from local community but have also managed to involve them in organization and management of our programs.

It is unfortunate that there had been practically no programs organized by Indian community for almost a decade when Founders of SIAF took up the challenge and the response from the community to first program was instantaneous and huge. SIAF has now established to be the foremost institution organizing Indian dance, and music programs. While SIAF started celebrating festival of Holi since 1994 Dusherra Festival has now become one of very popular festivals in Edinburgh the City of Festivals.
Promoters of SIAF are predominantly a group of Professionals of achievement in their own fields and therefore have a very high quality of input in organization and management of its programs and sincerely ensure that programs organized by SIAF are of very high quality and never performed before in this part of Scotland.

SIAF strictly adheres to Equal Opportunities Policy in management and organization of its programs. Therefore SIAF ensures while engaging people or contractors or organizations or artists that equal opportunity is available not only to people of ethnic minority but Scottish community at large